Nadie tiene el derecho de hacerte sentir de menos, no tienes porque soportarlo.
No te dejes dominar por el miedo o por la verguenza que vibra en tu ser cada vez que recibes el golpe, liberate de esa prisión y deshazte de esas relaciones.
Debilita los barrotes que se encuentran en tu mente y notarás que el adversario no es invensible ni infalible como lo creías al inicio.

Eres fuerte, solo hace falta que creas y busques en tu interior esa característica fortaleza que yace en cada ser para plantar tus pasos e iniciar la marcha. —

Nobody has the right to make you feel less, you do not have to endure it.
Do not let yourself be dominated by fear or by the shame that vibrates in your being every time you receive the blow, free yourself from that prison and get rid of those relationships.
Weaken those prison bars that are in your mind and then you will notice that the opponent is not invincible or infallible as you thought at the beginning.

You are strong, you only have to believe and look inside yourself for that characteristic strength that lies in each being to plant your steps, hold your ground and start the march.

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