Soul sucker


Escarbando en mi interior sin entender realmente lo que siento o lo que deseo, sin sentido y con una vaga sensacion de direccion. Confundida por el comportamiento de los que me rodean, asumiendo que se encuentran a la deriva al igual que yo.

Ese sentimiento desolador al aceptar que en mi se encuentra un vacio que absorbe mi alma y esa patetica idea que se arraiga en mi mente que indica que al no hablar de mi dolor entonces hace que no exista.
Se dice que no hay alegria sin tristeza, contrapartes que generan un equilibrio en el ser que las experimenta. Pero, Como saber si lo que sientes es real y no solamente es una treta que tejiste para ti mismo, con el objetivo de engañar tus sentidos y hacerte creer que tu felicidad o tristeza es tu todo? Como saber si te encuentras en equilibrio? Como podemos remover una mascara si no sabemos que lo es? —

Digging into my inner self without really understanding what I feel or what I want. Meaningless and with a vague sense of direction. Confused by the behavior of those around me, assuming they are as lost as I.

That heartbreaking feeling by accepting that in me is a vacuum that absorbs my soul and also that pathetic idea that is rooted in my mind that indicates that by not talking about my pain then it does not exist.
It is said that there is no joy without sadness, counterparts that generate a balance in the being that experiences them. But, How is possible to know if what you feel is real and is not just a trick that you have made for yourself, with the aim of deceiving your senses and making you believe that your happiness or sadness is your everything? How to know if you are in balance? How can we remove a mask if we do not know that is one? —

One thought on “Soul sucker

  1. Diego Gramajo says:

    Se dice que cuando aprendemos a ser expectadores de nuestra vida, aceptando que nuestra conciencia, que observa los sentimientos y sucesos, no está definida por dichos sentimientos o sucesos, alcanzamos mayor paz y equilibro.

    It is said that when we learn to be the spectators of our lives, accepting that our conscience, which observes the feelings and events, is not defined by said feelings and events, we reach greater peace and balance.


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