Broken, wondering what is behind the boundaries I have set for myself, did these tools lost their purpose, what is this extra load on my back?
This is the result of over-thinking? I neatly planned every detail of my life and I was so immersed in it that I had lost my way.
How did I end like this? Did I lose the chance to live?


2 thoughts on “Broken

  1. nobody says:

    We often hear someone say failure is great teachers, necessity is the mother of invention, and when you hit bottom, the only way to go is up.
    But is rarely to hear that your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding, wisdom is nothing more than healed pain and pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.
    After something is broken, is the very best time to try something new, because now theres is nothing to loose in trying. Fear may come but, wasn’t there before?
    Bravery is an exercise that only the living practice. Brave enough to set what you want, pursuing it and asking God for directions, this is one of the best ways to live.

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